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China Cork Fabric manufacturer
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Cork Fabric & Olive Oil Pourer

About Us
CORKORK offers a wide range of products in Cork Pad, Cork Bark, Cork Roll, Cork Sheet, Cork Tile, Cork Fabric/Leather, Cork/MDF Coaster, Cork Stopper/Lid, Cork Wallet, Cork bag, Cork Yoga Block, Cork iPhone Case and ...
Factory Tour
CORKORK is one of the leading cork product manufacturer in China, and the factory area is more than 20000 square meter. With more than 100 sets production equipments and more than 10 engineers to design different kind of ...
Quality Control
For the goods inspection, we have our own QC team with more than 8 years experience in inspecting the cork products. The goods will be inpected one by one before shipment, and if required, the third party QC will inpsect ...
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Address : No.118,West of Zhongshan Avenue, Canton, China
Business Phone :
86-20-38299280(Working time)
86-20-61022606(Nonworking time)
Fax : 86-20-61022607